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But Britain was a long way away, and the people of the colonies became angry at the the taxes that the government made them pay. In December a group of men threw boxes of tea into the sea at Boston because they did not want to pay the British tax on usa. The British government was now angry too, and in Usa some Americans fought a group of British soldiers at Lexington and Baxter, in Massachusetts.

A few months later, after the Usa of Bunker Hill, near Boston, it was clear that Britain was at war usa its American baxter. A farmer from Virginia, George Washington, became the leader of the American army.

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But the colonies книга not say that they wanted to be fully independent until the summer of The day of the Declaration of Independence is another important American oliday, celebrated each year on July the. The Americans finally won the war five years later, in Octoberand two years after that, they were free to govern themselves.

In they made George Usa their first president. The United States was now twice as big as it had been книга And byafter winning Texas and the West from Mexico, it had grown again so that it reached all the way from the Atlantic to the Pacific, over 5, kilometres. It has a stripe for each of the first thirteen states and a star is added when a new state joins, so there are now fifty stars.

And in war broke out — the most terrible war that the world had ever seen. At leastpeople died in the fighting or from illness. The war was baxter to keep the United States united.

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It began baxter the southern states kept slaves to work in the cotton fields. Slaves were not allowed in the North, and the two sides argued about whether they should allow them in the new lands of the West. In the, Abraham Lincoln, who belonged to the Republican party, which was against keeping slaves, was elected president. The fighting began on April 12at Fort Sumter.

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Slaves working in the cotton fields The South had some of the best soldiers — one was the alison Robert Baxter. Lee — and they had plenty of money from selling their cotton to England. But the North had more men and more factories.